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Netflix joins the ad game

Did you know that Netflix has introduced a particularly inexpensive ad-supported offer? In Germany, users have been able to book the Netflix subscription with ads since last November. The package is called "Basic subscription with ads" and costs €4.99 per month instead of the regular €7.99. On average, 4-5 minutes of advertising are broadcast per hour, divided into blocks of max. 75 seconds.

Target audience:

· Aged 18-49 - Avg. household net income of €3,619

· The proportion of female and male users is fairly balanced 🖥️

Advertising formats:

· 15/30-second commercials (soon more spot lengths) - Commercials run before and during series/movies, exclusively before Netflix originals

· 720p resolution and only on one device at a time

· It is not possible to fast-forward or skip the ads

· Number of ad impressions per user: 1x per hour & max. 3x per day 🎯

Current targeting options:

· Geotargeting, currently at country level

· Genre-based categories, e.g. action, drama, romance, science fiction

· Age and gender > Age distribution range: 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, 50+

· Netflix Top Ten > Most viewed movies + series

If you want to know more about general booking modalities, seasonality, conditions, or CPMs, feel free to write me anytime. I'm excited to hear about your thoughts. 🤩

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