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Audio 2023 - Trends and developments

Radio, online audio, podcast, in-game advertising, metaverse - hardly any other genre currently offers such diversity. We asked our dear Klaas what developments we can expect in 2023...

The hype (?) about podcasts

If you read articles here on LinkedIn or in the trade press, podcasts are still the absolute hype for some, but for other experts they are already doomed. Podcasting has not been hype for a long time and the still slightly growing number of users speaks for itself. Podcasts have found their place in the audio landscape and in the daily media use of listeners. However, anyone who actively listens to podcasts will have noticed a change: Advertising formats recorded by the host are being replaced by producerreads (i.e. ads spoken by neutral speakers), and the number of classic audio ads is also increasing more and more. Native advertising formats in particular are accepted by listeners, are learned and achieve a high advertising impact.

It therefore remains to be seen what effect additional advertising will have and whether all marketers will manage the balancing act between further (necessary) monetisation and usability.

Great successful podcasts are now much more than "just" that - whether live events, books or social games, successful podcasters succeed in developing their podcasts into a brand of their own. It is therefore not surprising that podcasts change marketers, go into additional 2nd and 3rd marketing or become completely ad-free and disappear behind a paywall. This trend will continue in 2023.

75% daily reach and 4 hours dwell time for radio

Even if the podcast format is currently the most present auditory topic, there are also interesting things going on outside of it: On 29 March, the new ma Audio will be published - which means that the current reach figures for radio and online audio offerings will be published.

The trend of slightly declining reach for classic radio offerings will continue, but radio still achieves extremely high reach: approx. 75% daily reach, more than 4 hours of dwell time and a very pronounced station loyalty speak for themselves. Radio remains the auditory mass medium and will hold the pole position for a long time to come. An exciting development, however, is the steady growth of DAB+ offerings. However, these meet already established stations, which also increases the competition for listeners.

About First Mover and Safe Havens

Online audio (from online-only streams to simulcasts and site chanels) has already become firmly integrated into media plans. Diverse targeting options, a wide range of touchpoints and efficient handling speak for themselves.

In-game audio, on the other hand, is still in its infancy as far as marketing in Germany is concerned. High coverage is already available, advertising is accepted by casual gamers in principle and audio is unobtrusive and not very distracting in mobile games - yet only a few campaigns have been implemented so far.

In the current economic situation, many advertisers prefer to rely on the familiar and are not so keen to experiment. Advertisers who act courageously and openly can now position themselves as first movers and claim this area for themselves.

And since no one can avoid the topic at the moment, to conclude: "Chat GPT, please tell me in 3 sentences why audio should not be missing from any media plan."

"Audio is an important part of the media mix as it offers a variety of ways to connect emotionally with listeners. It offers flexibility as it can be heard on a variety of devices and platforms, and allows companies to showcase their brand through audio branding. Audio is therefore an indispensable part of the media plan to reach and engage a wide audience."

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